Frequently asked questions

How much advanced notice should I give to order a roll off dumpster?

We suggest giving us 24 hours advanced notice when ordering a roll off dumpster. There will be times when we can get it to you the same day, but ordering in advance is suggested.

How long do I get to use a temporary roll off dumpster?

You're free to keep the container as long as you need, however there is a rental charge that is assessed after the allowed days. Generally, this amount of time is 10 days. Please call for our current rates and allowed days.

How much weight will a typical container hold?

Weight will vary depending on the material that you put in the container. Please keep in mind the outdoor elements, such as rain and snow, will affect the weight. We suggest that you place a tarp over the container should this be a concern.

How can I pay for a dumpster rental?

We offer a variety of payment options for your roll off dumpster rental. They include Cash, Check, American Express, Mastercard, Discover and Visa. All dumpster orders are payment on delivery, so you can either pay with a credit card over the phone or with cash or a check upon delivery.

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